In Depth

56 CEU's

What you will learn

  • Ethics of Recovery Coaching
  • Self-Care, Recovery and Support
  • Care Coordination
  • Crisis Management
  • Domestic Violence
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
  • Life Skills
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Pharmacology and Addictions
  • Recovery Management
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Resources and Follow-Up
  • Social Support System
  • Overview of Addictions and Recovery Stages



Modules in this Course

Ethics of Recovery Coaching

4 CEUs

  • The Definition of Ethics in Recovery.
  • The Four Positive Elements of Recovery Coaching.
  • The Values of Recovery Coaching.
  • Modern Communications and Ethical Behavior.
  • Definition of Telehealth Services and the Ethics of Provision.
  • Understanding Your Area of Expertise.


Self-Care, Recovery and Support

4 CEUs

  • The Basics of Self-Care.
  • Self Empowerment.
  • Accessing Resources.
Care Coordination

4 CEUs

  • The Principles of Case Management.
  • Client Assistance with Healthcare System Navigation.
  • Disengagement.


Crisis Management

4 CEUs

  • Circumstances Leading To Crises.
  • Non-Violent Crisis Intervention.
  • Techniques To Calm A Client In A Crisis Situation.


Domestic Violence

4 CEUs

The Signs & Symptoms of Domestic Violence & Abuse.

  • Accepted Interventions.
  • Harm Reduction Philosophy & Strategies.
  • The Duluth Model of Power & Control.


Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

4 CEUs

  • What Is HIPAA?
  • HIPAA and the Work of a Recovery Coach.



Life Skills

4 CEUs

  • Effective Coping Skills.
  • Social Skills | Developing a Social Network.
  • Developing Leisure and Recreational Activities.
  • Living a Healthy Lifestyle.



Motivational Interviewing

4 CEUs

  • A Working Definition.
  • The Model.
  • Working with the Model.


Pharmacology and Addictions

4 CEUs

  • An Introduction to the Basics of Pharmacology and Substance Abuse.
  • Mood Altering Drugs and Their Classifications.
  • Drug Interactions.
  • Empowering Clients to Understand Drugs and Their Implications.


Recovery Management

4 CEUs

  • Strength Based Model of Care.
  • Understanding the Importance of Long-Term Management.
  • Care Coordination.



Relapse Prevention

4 CEUs

  • Relapse Prevention.
  • The Signs and Symptoms Of Relapse | Proper Intervention.
  • Create an Effective Relapse Prevention Plan.



Resources and Follow-Up

4 CEUs

  • What Happens Upon Termination of the Professional Relationship?
  • Dealing with Being Discharged.
  • A Good Discharge Plan.
  • Resources to Use.


Social Support System

4 CEUs

  • What is a Social Support System?
  • Empower a Client to Create Their Own Social Support Network.



Overview of Addictions and Recovery Stages

4 CEUs

  • A Brief Overview of Addictions.
  • Signs and Symptoms of Addiction.
  • Stages of Recovery.